Month: March 2014

The Bacon of the Vegetable World

I use the word bacon sparingly, because it is despicably used everywhere. These are one of the occasions worthy of the word. And I promise: it’s completely unlike the coconut bacon some places try to pass off as their inimitable pork original (I mean, what is that crap? Just… eat a mango, or something that’s clearly not trying to be one of the most delicious things on earth) So there were three onions sitting on the fridge for a week and a half. I always thought they’d be kitchen essentials, since my mom’s kitchen always had garlic and onions. But I hate chopping onions, because it predictably becomes a cryfest, and the smell. Even if they had the potential to become glorious caramelized goodies, the last last time I tried that out, it took too long and was basically hand char and half onion (no caramel magic). Anyway, the other day, I stumbled across this blog post on caramelizing onions. It’s the real deal, just using olive oil and onions (I’m a purist with my caramelized onions). The …

Briefly, Spring

After a good but tough week at work, I spent the weekend enjoying the first day of spring (or so they say it was, even if today and the days to come will be pretty winterey at around 30F) getting some sun, some supplies, social interaction (including a friendly attack by Gie at Kiehls because I walked in with a Malin + Goetz shopping bag) and a failed attempt at purchasing a leather backpack. Not that it’s a surprise anymore. Ever since accidentally ending up here, I’ve become weather acquainted like never before. Nothing like a blast of cold air highlighting the importance of having the right layers.

The Floater

The toilet was an inevitable dinner topic growing up. Not surprisingly, I have the useless ability (habit, rather) to naturally insert bathroom and biological matters in practically any conversation. My dad is to thank for all that. Within one of our toilet discussions was the floater. It was the light density kind, a sign of good nutrition, according to my respectable source. When you flush it all down, it’s that one little island that will most likely turn up again.