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Dusk at The Devil’s Doorway

We started on the east bluff on the south of the lake’s shore. Initially the plan was to hike the east bluff trail, but we thought it would take more time than planned. The shorter route was through the Balanced Rock, the Devil’s Doorway, Potholes trail, and Grottos trail. In hindsight, it was easier than we thought, we made it back to the car well before sunset. This is a photo essay of the hike, below the jump are photos from everyone’s cameras. Advertisements

Wisconsin for the Weekend

Over the Easter weekend, a bunch of us drove to Wisconsin. We hiked up Devil’s Lake, fed deers at a deer petting zoo, walked around Madison, and freed four wizards. This is a photo essay of the trip. I included photos by Megan, Randy, and Mark. The ones that look VSCO-ed are mine, and a few more. The one above is a shot of the Devil’s Doorway in the Devil’s Lake State Park by Mark.

Us Against The Mountain

A couple of weekends ago, a few friends and I scaled Breakneck Ridge in Upstate New York for an autumn hike. We hiked from 8:30am to 3pm, and made it in good time to catch other sights along the way down the mountain. This is going to be a photo-heavy post, although nothing captures the experience itself. It all started at 7:30am at the Grand Central Terminal station, where we caught the Metro North train. A round trip ticket costs $26. While waiting for the group, I doused myself in insect repellant and smelled strongly of Off within a 3 meter radius. Aside from a bottle of that in my backpack, we were each told to bring the following: 1 litre of water, snacks (Kind bars, or the like), ziplock bags (to store the phone, in case it rained), extra socks, shades, a hat or cap, a jacket good for rain, and sunblock.

Coming Home To Japan Part 1 of 2

You’re terrible, Barby. The content below was written last June, and now, it’s November. There’s some humor in the title referring to Japan having elements of home, when right now, I’m not even in my hometown of Manila, where I lived all my life, until now. And I’ve been away. Where am I? You’ll find out soon (in case you don’t already know). A warning (on top of the warning below): Because some details are hard to remember, I might end up just posting pictures from the other parts of the trip I haven’t written about last June. We’ll call it a photo commentary. I’d highlight bits and pieces of the trip, except that Japan is ridiculously amazing, everything deserves to be highlighted! Parts of Osaka and Kyoto, the two cities we went to, may get jumbled up a bit, but more or less they’re in their proper batches. This is such a long post, you’ll want to scratch your eyes out mid-way. My story-telling skills are overwhelmed by the mass of events in this …

We’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain When We Come

The twelve of us weren’t so crazy to go all the way to the most smogged up place on earth just to sightsee. The main event of the Beijing trip was snowboarding, even though some of us had no idea what we were getting into. The Nanshan Ski Village was our first snowboarding spot. It’s easily accessible fromt the main city (45 minuts away) so the large crowd was no surprise. The rental area was full of angry voices, confused foreigners, the usual ‘cultural’ rudeness, and people just rushing about. There were bundled up kids with parents helping them out on ski gear, and instructors on the lookout for newbies. It was intimidating.