Month: November 2012


Image credit: found somewhere in tumblr/pinterest (let me know if you know who made it) Like a ball of sleeping fur. No winter here, but my body is ready to hibernate.   Advertisements

Butternut Squash and Apple Hash

What do you do when you have 4 cute little butternut squashes? Experiment. I’ve never cooked butternut squash my entire life, since we don’t have them here in Manila. I try to eat local, but when the occasional uncommon thing pops up in the market, it’s too interesting to pass up. Plus, I’ve been gathering quite a lot of butternut squash recipes. For my first experiment I chose Juli’s Apple and Butternut Squash Hash because it looked easy (didn’t have much time) and because I’ve been looking forward to trying out one of her many appetizing Paleo concoctions. Her blog is a great resource for people on the Paleo diet but don’t want gross/boring food. Mine is an improvised version since I didn’t have some of the ingredients on stock. Plus, I was craving for crispy fried egg.

My Cuppa Tea

I’m not much of a coffee person. I’m more of a tea girl, if not a water girl. Milk tea is old news. To people thinking of opening more milk tea holes: please don’t. Unless it’s a miraculously new or delicious milk tea, bring something else into the market. Don’t get me wrong. I love milk tea. It’s just that the food scene gets boring when there’s too much of a good thing. Much like the time it was (and still is) full of cupcakes, and the time yogurt was the craze. Why am I writing about tea all of a sudden? After consuming the drink right below several weeks ago, for the first time I was inspired to write about it. Below are my favorite teas. Gong Cha House Special Wintermelon Milk Tea (with grass jelly) A revelation at first sip  Until one Saturday evening, I’d always been served my usual pastel-colored wintermelon drink with a heap of black pearls at the bottom. It was good, but got boring. When the server handed this over, …


One of my favorite songs, written by Stevie Nicks. It’s hard to explain what it means, because it changes depending on where I am in life. But you could say it’s one of my life’s classic sad songs. Right now, I can’t help feeling it. No matter what you do, life comes tumbling down on you, the things you love, and things you put your heart into. For I while it feels like I’ve been tied to a sinking ship that’s been half-submerged in the water for too long. Can the ship just sink, or get really fixed? Just not in between anymore, not stuck in this place where I’m pouring my life into things that get fucked up, or taken for granted, or both at the same time.   I took my love and I took it down  Climbed a mountain then I turned around  And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills  Well the landslide brought me down  Oh, mirror in the sky  What is love?  Can the child within my …

A Seven Course Cheese Dinner

When invited to a mystery dinner featuring cheese (and the bait of a seven course meal) it’s hard to say no. Who doesn’t love cheese? (and seven course meals) (all of which would probably contain some measure of le fromage) Last last Thursday evening, on a rainy night, I was fetched from the newly renovated San Antonio Plaza Arcade and brought to a secret place where dinner was served. Our host was Perfect Italiano, a brand that carries a variety of cheese (made in New Zealand) for different cooking needs. When I opened the door, there was a long table (a much longer one than The Last Supper’s) which sat approximately twenty people, including handsome people Erwan Heusaff and Victor Basa. I was an hour late, so I was seated at the end of the long table, where, like a freakin god, I was backlit by a bright and shining light (the LCD projector screen).

A Roasted Little Forest: Broccoli, Mushrooms and Tomato Salad

Where the broccoli florets are charred little trees, mushrooms are… well, larger-than-life Alice in Wonderland proportions next to the trees, and there are giant roasted red stuff. Plus fairy dust in the form of grated cheese. I’m really pushing it, aren’t I. Anyway, this is the kind of dish where you can just throw stuff together, watch a sitcom while you’re at it, and then devour with a feeling that life is simple and good. This would be a good accompaniment to a roasted meat dish. Roasted lamb? Roasted chicken? Anything seasoned with thyme or rosemary, and delicious oily drippings.