New York
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Briefly, Spring

After a good but tough week at work, I spent the weekend enjoying the first day of spring (or so they say it was, even if today and the days to come will be pretty winterey at around 30F) getting some sun, some supplies, social interaction (including a friendly attack by Gie at Kiehls because I walked in with a Malin + Goetz shopping bag) and a failed attempt at purchasing a leather backpack. Not that it’s a surprise anymore.

Ever since accidentally ending up here, I’ve become weather acquainted like never before. Nothing like a blast of cold air highlighting the importance of having the right layers.

Union Square at 14th St apparently had a market today. Markets in New York will typically have people selling apple varieties, honey (local, and from nearby states), (Vermont) maple syrup, gluten/wheat/something-free products, hot cider, (organic) produce, and all sorts of pastries. I was surprised to find people selling wool as well.

The spring-ness of the afternoon is largely thanks to the plants everywhere. Tulips, succulents, lilies, fragrant hyacinths, crocus, pots of pansies, and miniature versions of orchids and daffodils.

I took a photo of a broken crocus :(

Among the apple varieties, Macintosh, Granny Smiths, and Empire apples are my favorites so far. Tart, and crisp.

A good part of the afternoon was spent getting lost in SoHo, going in and out of stores.

There was bunch of people outside Laduree for afternoon tea, and a separate line for their famous macarons. Thankfully the line wasn’t that long yet when I arrived.

Five flavors: rose petal, lemon verbena (seasonal), caramel with sea salt, marie antoinette (black tea infused white chocolate, also seasonal) and orange blossom. The lemon verbena macaron deserved a picture.Some friends and I met up for an Indian dinner in the lower east side. Sunday was not warm at all. I ended up walking around the Cobble Hill area because there was a line going around the block to enter Trader Joe’s. Now I’m a bit more ready for the week ahead, although I don’t look forward to working on my taxes, laundry, and a March that’s flying by too quickly.


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