Month: January 2013

Client Comments Posters

An inescapable part of a designer’s life. Whether you’re in graphics, interiors, architecture, or industrial. The Sharp Suits series was brought to us by Mark + Paddy, which started out as a small personal project to pass the time. The rest are over here, but these are my favorites. Wish they were still in print (and available in Manila!). via swissmiss   Advertisements

A Five Mushroom Tasting Session

Aside from a pumpkin tasting session (delicata, kabocha, turban, acorn) we also had a mushroom tasting session last year in Seattle. Despite the recent food posts containing an embarrassing lot of mushrooms, do know that I’m a normal, non-mushroom-obsessed person who eats roasted chicken, Jolibee, lamb, and spoonfuls of Nutella. (on the days I’m well-behaved)

We’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain When We Come

The twelve of us weren’t so crazy to go all the way to the most smogged up place on earth just to sightsee. The main event of the Beijing trip was snowboarding, even though some of us had no idea what we were getting into. The Nanshan Ski Village was our first snowboarding spot. It’s easily accessible fromt the main city (45 minuts away) so the large crowd was no surprise. The rental area was full of angry voices, confused foreigners, the usual ‘cultural’ rudeness, and people just rushing about. There were bundled up kids with parents helping them out on ski gear, and instructors on the lookout for newbies. It was intimidating.