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The Bacon of the Vegetable World

I use the word bacon sparingly, because it is despicably used everywhere. These are one of the occasions worthy of the word. And I promise: it’s completely unlike the coconut bacon some places try to pass off as their inimitable pork original (I mean, what is that crap? Just… eat a mango, or something that’s clearly not trying to be one of the most delicious things on earth)

So there were three onions sitting on the fridge for a week and a half. I always thought they’d be kitchen essentials, since my mom’s kitchen always had garlic and onions. But I hate chopping onions, because it predictably becomes a cryfest, and the smell. Even if they had the potential to become glorious caramelized goodies, the last last time I tried that out, it took too long and was basically hand char and half onion (no caramel magic).

Anyway, the other day, I stumbled across this blog post on caramelizing onions. It’s the real deal, just using olive oil and onions (I’m a purist with my caramelized onions). The pictures of the white tender pieces transforming into a beautiful caramel with charred bits. Fascinating.

Being the cook-them-ALL-or-else-they-might-spoil with a little restraint (1/3 was spared) I turned two of them into the “bacon of the vegetable world.” Now I regret not using all three. They look whiter in the photo than in actual.

It took about 45mins to an hour, with occasional stirring on the pan, but it. was. absolutely. worth. it. Therapeutic, even, as you smell the chemical change going on in the pan. I just may have whipped up a new hobby.

The beauty this labor of love is that you can freeze it to last weeks, or keep it in the fridge as a topper (salad), base (soup) (mom was telling me to make French Onion, which I just might do), omelette enhancer, sandwich add-in ETCETERAAAAAAA. I recently mixed it in with garlic sauteed Chinese broccoli, and a meatball oatmeal tomato stew (which I managed to salvage with blueberries, caramelized onions, chili flakes and tomato sauce).


On other news

I’m finally getting a good night’s rest. Taking Elise’s advice to place the mattress off the cot frame and onto the floor. You have no idea how my spine rejoices.



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