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Later, New York

A few days ago, I found myself hoarding as much of New York as I could. After the finality of moving, I went back to my places, to remember the things that happened between the grime of its grids, trying touch every crevice again. But why hoard something you can’t really take away with you, especially when it’s something that will also pass. Hoarding isn’t a show of trust either. So I’m embracing it, and letting the nostalgia run it’s course. The places I’ve called home are easily erased of my being there. Like the crumbs of a Levain chocolate chip cookie, only a sprinkle remain; in a whiff, it’s gone. It’s so easy, removing evidences of myself, that it’s infuriating. The hardest part is for the emotions to catch up with the mind. My room in Astoria, bathed in the soft light of muslin curtains painstakingly hung, will belong to someone else once I’m out the door. When my friend walks her dog past 2717, I won’t be there. After my name is peeled from the mailbox, it’s like I was never here. I think …

The Gracefully Sexy Charles James Exhibition

  We who have been ahead in STYLE have usually been also ahead in our thinking. – Charles James   The Met has something for nearly every region of my brain, easily making it one of my favorite museums. No pretty rocks or beetles, but that can be found just across a park. Besides, there are weapons here. And flutes disguised as walking sticks. And medieval drinking cups (with naughty but sexist connotations). And intrigues, if you take the time to dig deeper. The Charles James exhibition is now over, but I’m happy to say that I was able to visit it with two dear friends. One of them is Sandino, a fashion designer from Manila, who planned his arrival to NY partly around this exhibition. Months prior, I was only too excited when I found out that he’s returning for further studies, because he’s one of the people I strongly believe to be cut out for this city. I found out about Charles James through friends in the fashion industry who told me about his architectural approach to design, and …

Feast Your Eyes: Overexposure Part III of III

It’s that time of the year again, when people strip down to almost nakedness in a public park to tan and display their Crossfit/Running/Zumba/Barre Method/Insanity/P90X bodies. Then there’s the people like me, who arrive with a blanket and picnic basket, and stay the hell away from the sun. We all have a good time. Oh, summer. This was taken while relaxing in the park with Ate Jaye, Jill, and Aristeo. In the background, there was a man playing the saxophone. A perfect day to be in the park.

Overexposure: Part I of III

This is a fast-forward version of May 2014, which I’m happy to say I was too busy living to write about. Over the course of two months, I’ve been surrounded by people constantly, which makes me happy, because people are awesome and I love (most of) them, but it puts me in dire need to recharge. One week into June, and I basically said NO HUMANS and crawled into my happy little hole marathoning Game of Thrones, The Mindy Project, and The New Girl. Back off humans, it’s sanity time. ————————- Like a long time lover and boyfriend, my best friend Isa flew over for my birthday. If there’s anybody in the entire world who knows me, Isa is one of the top people on the list. And if anyone could ever be mistaken as my girlfriend, it would be her. The last time we saw each other, we didn’t know that we wouldn’t see each other for a year, so this was such a sweet gift, to say the least. From the moment she landed, it’s almost like we …

Spring is For Lovers

Last weekend, Roo and I trekked all the way to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to see the cherry blossoms. From our lovely neighborhood of Queens, it took an hour and a half each way, and a total of about three or four transfers for the going there part. We frolicked in the garden before the afternoon rain. People were lying down on the grass (I would have done the same, if I wasn’t so scared of bugs). There was a surprisingly minimal amount of people (I expected hordes, like in Japan last year). Families, friends (groups of women harassing branches for a nice group shot), couples, and more couples. If food was permitted inside, I’d have a basket with green tea or Yakult, and cookies. So much trees, so much sunlight. Glorious clouds of pink overhead. Mom, these pictures are for you, because you remind me of springtime.