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Greenhills Sunday Market Finds

A photolog from a recent trip to the Greenhills Sunday Market.

Bahay kubo, kahit munti, ang halaman doon ay sari sari. Singamas at talong, sigarillas at mani, sitaw, bataw, patani…. (First life encounter with fresh bataw!)

Pako (baby fern) deserves a picture of its own since it’s been pretty hard to find (for me, anyway.)

Baby squid! (Which I cooked later on in the day)

Scallops in their pretty shells.

Grilled hito (catfish) which smelled so good, I ate mine using my hands like an uncivilized hungry cavewoman.

Langka, which we later on cooked in gata.

Bags of sea cucumbers.

Pagiw = turtle  O_O

The feast later on. Pako salad with chopped salted egg, tomatoes, and calamansi (and a tiny bit of patis mixed into it) , grape tomatoes, the grilled hito, ginataang alimango (crab) (from last night), my baby squid in garlic and olive oil (inspired by the one at Mesa) (it tasted good even if the picture is ugly), and the ginataang langka.

And for dessert…


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