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The Birthday (and more overexposure): Part II of III

A beautiful butt.

Sometimes, no, often… I wish the paleolithic idea of beauty was still the notion of beauty. It’s hard to admit, but I still feel like I haven’t ‘grown up’ yet, and that one day I’ll wake up and stretch my long long legs and smile at the halfie face in the mirror, then walk coolly to the office with the elegance of Grace Kelly. I don’t hate myself, but it’s still a challenge being comfortable in my own skin especially when I see all the good-looking people here, toned muscled and good cheekbones and all.

Anyway… Events below not in order of sequence.

I brought Isa to The Met, where I treated her to a Museum Unhighlights Tour. It was pretty good! The men coming out of the mens’ stomachs/penises below symbolize the number of men the larger man has eaten. These were from a cannibalistic tribe in Papua New Guinea.

Mid-afternoon drinks at a speakeasy, which also served delicious food.

The best dark hot chocolate at L.A. Burdick with a buttery rhubarb pie shared with Isa and Yana on my birthday.

That evening, Isa and I watched If/Then on Broadway, starring Idina Menzel. It was such a beautiful story, one of the best Broadway shows I’ve ever watched. Thank you for such a perfect birthday gift (plus the fried chicken afterwards), Isa! The set was simple, but brilliantly considered. Smooth transitions, the lighting (!), the things included and excluded, the mumbling of the MTA conductor. Great attention to detail that locals will be able to relate to.

These shots were taken during intermission, but they give an idea of the sets.

A man in a kilt! I was too busy taking a photo of Isa that I just noticed him now.

The watermelon salad we made and brought to my friend’s summer barbecue.

Rockefeller University, where we had the barbecue.

The colors of New York at sunset

Brunch at Sugar Freak with Anne!

Then we went to Ditmars Park, where we parked ourselves on the bleachers and watched hot men run laps around the track, while making up stories about the other joggers.


The deep descent into 53rd and Lex

And the flowers we found at the bottom of it. JK. We saw this at Union Square’s weekly market, and I forgot to put it in the previous post.

Hello, Brooklyn! We waited in line for about forty-five minutes to try out Ample Hills’ ice cream. Their salted crack caramel flavor was a bit more on the bitter side, but I liked it.

What does it say! We couldn’t figure it out!

On our walk towards Comedy Cellar in West Village. It’s not uncommon to see painters in parks or random streets.

On Isa’s last night, I treated her to a comedy show where we saw Judd Apatow, Judah Friedlander, and other good stand-up comedians.

The best part of my birthday was being with my best friend, everyone who emailed me a thoughtful greeting (my sister, the mastermind behind all that, is just awesome), watching a good Broadway show, and eating fried chicken followed by good drinks. I’m not much of a celebrator, because my family isn’t the type, but I’m so grateful for key people in my life who make it special, who remind me that I am loved, and not forgotten.

Until the next time I see you, Isa Garcia. This is where May ends, and June begins.


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