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Overexposure: Part I of III

This is a fast-forward version of May 2014, which I’m happy to say I was too busy living to write about. Over the course of two months, I’ve been surrounded by people constantly, which makes me happy, because people are awesome and I love (most of) them, but it puts me in dire need to recharge. One week into June, and I basically said NO HUMANS and crawled into my happy little hole marathoning Game of Thrones, The Mindy Project, and The New Girl. Back off humans, it’s sanity time.


Like a long time lover and boyfriend, my best friend Isa flew over for my birthday. If there’s anybody in the entire world who knows me, Isa is one of the top people on the list. And if anyone could ever be mistaken as my girlfriend, it would be her. The last time we saw each other, we didn’t know that we wouldn’t see each other for a year, so this was such a sweet gift, to say the least.

From the moment she landed, it’s almost like we continued from where we left off last year, after we hauled her huge-ass luggage then braved the rain for a midnight pizza run. In spite of the year that’s passed, we’re still the same old pair that’s only too easy to talk into eating, too much obligatory selfies (mostly Isa), and just, I don’t know. The Isa and Barby dynamic where anything can happen, and we’ll probably be laughing or amused.

Chillin’ at Bryant Park.

A ton of photos after the jump!

The lengths we’d go for pizza at midnight. We felt deserving since we hauled her luggage up three floors.

At a hidden jazz club, we listened to Isa’s amaaazing friend Jo-B.

The Astoria crepe place with the magical Nutella croissants. Sorry for the bad photo timing, lovely crepe-making lady.

Union Square

Dog sightings.

This one looked so much like Boo.

Brunch, of course.

Sticky pork buns, which Isa loved.

The best kale salad ever, and that other dish with two poached eggs nestled strangely atop potatoes and corned beef.

At a bookstore in SoHo.


Poor little cute dog, outside an East Village boutique.

What’s up with your face?

Gramercy Park

We had no idea we were trapped inside the park.

Obao’s Michelin recommended pho.

BCD Tofu’s sundobu

This brilliant elevator sign.

In the next post, more photos of the months that passed, and probably plenty of Isa’s face. Because that’s what you get for having me take photos of you on my phone. *evil cackle* Maganda ka naman e! ;)


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