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Feast Your Eyes: Overexposure Part III of III

It’s that time of the year again, when people strip down to almost nakedness in a public park to tan and display their Crossfit/Running/Zumba/Barre Method/Insanity/P90X bodies. Then there’s the people like me, who arrive with a blanket and picnic basket, and stay the hell away from the sun. We all have a good time.

Oh, summer.

This was taken while relaxing in the park with Ate Jaye, Jill, and Aristeo. In the background, there was a man playing the saxophone. A perfect day to be in the park.

Summer is proving to be a consistent influx of guests, and of hanging out with friends. Sarah and I met up at Cafe Henri, which was such a charming place. I’ll be back to try the eggs benedict.

Then there was the annual Big Apple Barbecue, which brings America’s best grill masters into the city that acts like the center of the world. If there’s a meat roasting festival, you can bet on finding Anne and me there, taking ribs apart with the excitement of Christmas morning. This has got to be one of my favorite festivals.

We lined up and ate, and lined up and ate. Completely pointless bringing tupperware (which I read about somewhere), because we had no leftovers. I say this because I brought tupperware.

As the lady torched the ribs, the sauce would boil and glitter in the sun like Edward Cullen.

We split the dishes, so that we could try more! The mark of seasoned pigs.

Pulled pork sandwich.

Then a lady strolled past carrying a gigantic rib bone, of a size akin to what Fred Flintstone might be carrying about if he ever slaughtered a baby dinosaur. Where did the giant rib come from? Wait, in my head it was more like: WHERE DID THE GIANT RIB COME FROM. So we hunted it down and found this man, who was handing them out for free. FOR FREE. “Would you like some ribs?” (are you seriously even asking? GIMME TEN)

Pepper encrusted rib. It was our favorite from everything else we’ve tried. It’s good to know that Hometown Bar-B-Que is in Red Hook, which is too far to become a convenient addiction, but close enough to be a quarterly pilgrimage.


A shiba-inu, asking for more meat. Would’ve made an interesting photo to include his master, who was a big guy, but I couldn’t sneak in a photo.

We didn’t have enough stomachs to try them all. Barbecue from Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, and other southern states. Makes me want to fly to Texas!

So is it, or ain’t it?

Two sleeping sisters on the subway. They look exactly like me and my sister as little kids, because Bea would bury herself under a jacket like that when she’d nap. At that age, she’d be wearing green, and me, with bangs and a half-ponytail wearing pink, would let her sleep on my lap in the car. <3 I miss us as little kids, Bea!

This is what I use my mini rice-cooker for. Thanks to my cousin (amazing cook and connoisseur of good food) Megan, who gave me this idea for an easy, healthy, and cheap meal. It’s supposed to be in a bowl (on your rice? Eh?) but I’m horrible at remembering instructions. It tastes better than it looks.

The time for peaches and nectarines has come again! I can’t believe I’ve been here for a year.

A May/June happy hour and birthday celebration at our office. I helped draw the name signs. Guess which one’s mine! The cakes are from Balthazar.

And of course, the FIFA World Cup! Astoria is full of car horns and shouting when there’s a game, especially when it’s for Colombia, Greece, USA, Brazil, and Mexico. The spirit of camaraderie and competition that turns strangers into friends is something I love about this game.

If you live in NYC, keep your eyes peeled for this Sephora opening at 59th and Lex this July! I helped work on some of the drawings for this store design.

Now that all these show happy, colorful months that have been lived, I can go back to writing my angsty thoughts.



  1. So excited to see these posts from you! I miss you so much, Barbeeeeh. <3 Can you save a Saturday or something for me when I go there? I'll be in NJ for my bday but would love to spend it with you, so I'll bus it! HAHA /needyfriend

    • I just saw this now! AIYAHHH. I would LOVE TO SEE YOU!!!!! I miss you much, and I’m so excited for September! PM-ing you!

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