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Happy Bean Loot

My best friend Isa arrived in NYC last Thursday, bearing loot from home (and San Francisco!). You can’t imagine how loved I felt by my friends who remembered me, and have spoken one of my dominant languages of love <3

Tea-flavored Kit Kat all the way from Japan! YUM. I also got a super moisturizing lippy (it is moisturizing, which I value so much!), and a letter in the shape of a heart. At first I held it up to Isa and said, “Panty?” Isa: “It’s a heart!” HAHAHAHAHA. Who knows how I’ll fare in those Rorschach tests.

Thank you so much, Carina! You always catch my wavelength when it comes to these things. <3 I’m so excited to see you in September, when it’ll be fall, and we can go around NYC in trench coats and with coffee (or hot apple cider) as we stroll along.

Going back to undies…

Party in my underwear drawer! Thank you, Glut! <3 I’ll probably feel funner when I’m wearing these. Feels a bit weird posting a photo, but I love them and find them to be wholesome looking underwear anyway. They actually remind me of you, the beach, and all your enviable trips to the beach.

I miss you, and hope that you can visit me here! (I dare you to visit NYC and just eat healthy. MUAHAHA.)

Gorgeous scarves, pearls, and a lovely hand-written note from Tita Pam, Isa’s momma! I feel so pampered! Thank you, Tita Pam. <3 I can walk the streets of New York in colors other than black, and looking trés chic, thanks to you!

An infinity scarf from Achi Diane Chin in SFO. She also gave me a book about dating. Teeheehee. Thank you so much, Achi Diane! I really hope I can visit you and your beautiful family this year. <3

Lucky Me Chilimansi Pancit Canton, virgin coconut oil, and my favorite Spanish Sardines and Lemon Garlic Tinapa from Mimaw. <3 If they weren’t here, they’d have made it to this list. The banana chips are from Tita Pam as well. Thank you!

REUNITED (after one year!)Isa, thank you for coming here. That you are here is more than enough for me to be a happy bean anyway. <3 We both know that overexposure shall ensue in the coming days. Good thing it’s not snowing!

Thank you for bringing all of these goodies over. <3 I’m feeling such fuzzy love all the way from across the world, and right here beside me. Good night!

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