B, Made Me Smile, New York
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The Pursued

Flowers from a stranger.

While waiting for a table at The Boil, my friends and I hung out at The Butcher’s Daughter where we caught up over healthy drinks (I had the Water Flower: watermelon, fennel, honeydew, cactus pear, lime, lavender flower). Tables behind, a lady plopped down stalks of gigantic roses. I couldn’t help spying on her sort them out. Typically I’m not a rose fan, but these were so beautiful, it made me smile. She saw us peeking and smiling, and said “Can you believe they were throwing these away? I told them to just give them to me, and they did!”

Minutes later, she came by our table with a bunch and said, “This is for you.” We were so surprised, grateful, and delighted, to say the least. Later on, we found out that we could take the glass bottles on our table, which was perfect for bringing the flowers home. Right place, right time. Even the right things to order.

Below are Jill, me, and Yana, with a selfie at the pedestrian stoplight. -_-

Dead God,

Thank you for the flowers. Thank you for the generosity of strangers.

You know that I’ve just been drained lately, that I had a break down last week, and You know that I’ve been eyeing the flowers on my colleagues desks… and admiring the flowers by the road and little shops, dreaming of bottles of spring at home.

Well, what do I know.

Thank you for You, in all these things.

You make my heart sing, and you refresh my soul.

Please give me a heart that’s completely yours.






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