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Level Up!

This morning, I woke up in a new place.

The clear blue sky stretched outside the window, a soft mattress (a mattress!) under my body, and there was a strange sensation of glowing from my insides. That last bit is cheesy and lame (glowing??), but screw it. If sunshine, tulips, and mimosas could flow from my heart, they would flow all the way out of my apartment and sprout along the streets as I walk by.

You know that life has leveled up when…

  • You’re paying cheaper rent (a third less!) than the previous apartment.
  • From sleeping on a futon, you wake up on a queen-sized mattress (which feels gigantic in comparison!), albeit covered in curtains right now because I’m still buying a mattress pad and sheets.
  • Your room is bigger. A third larger than before, and with a closet a third bigger as well!
  • A bed frame, a lamp (FINALLY), a desk, a chair, a side stool, a shoe rack, and a modern looking dresser from just a shelf and a cot. And all these new pieces are FREE. There’s also a power strip with extension cord.
  • From 1-ply bathroom tissue, you now have a luxurious 3-ply. My tush just loves this stuff.
  • There’s an air conditioner in your room for the upcoming summer, and you didn’t even have to buy it. And it’s below your window, instead of in it. (Not that I ever used an AC in the previous place anyway since it was fall and winter)
  • From hearing the noise of the garbage truck while you’re falling asleep, or the laughter of tipsy women and obnoxious men… (never live across a good restaurant. the convenience is just not worth the noise) to actual peace and quiet at night.
  • There’s a cleaning lady to clean your apartment, instead of cleaning it yourself.
  • From a multi-functional general space, there’s a living room area, a dining area, and a separate kitchen room with a fairly empty, clean refrigerator.
  • A balcony! In the living room!
  • You now have medical and dental care, from nothing!
  • You’re paying cheaper rent (a third less!) than the previous apartment.

That’s my bed, luggage, juicer, and half of my left eyebrow. I gotta start working out, that arm is looking soft.

Stuff that’s as awesome as before…

  • From Park Slope’s charming, brownstone neighborhood to living in the hip and ethnic Mecca of New York: Astoria. Populated with Greek restaurants, middle eastern places, asian places, burger places, groceries that are walkable, and also, flowering trees!My celebration lunch in my new ‘hood. Indian food! Above is a lamb spring roll, below is the chicken tikka masala from the prix fixe menu. It also came with a rice cashew dessert thing (keefi?). I’d recommend this place, it’s called Seva. Their service was awesome. My glass was never empty, and they gave me more of the crispy appetizer thing in my to-go bag. 
  • Good roommates. All strangers, whom I’ve met through Craigslist, but all pretty awesome people. Time will tell more on this bunch, but so far I like my new roommates.
  • The blessing of friends. This move shows how God has supplied help through people, and more than enough people offered. Thank You God for my friend, who is an older sister to me, who drove twice from Brooklyn to Queens yesterday. Thank You also for my friend visiting from Manila, who even helped me move on their birthday! (Clearly, I had no idea until it was over!) Thank you for my other friends who offered, but we wouldn’t have fit in the car. So much kindness!

And The Best Part…

It’s great to have all of these things. The gift of relationships, of new things (I only had one luggage and a Breville juicer when I moved to Brooklyn before!), even kitchen and sleeping things, is tremendous. But beyond the tenderness and discipline surrounding me, the best part in all this is the knowledge, the affirmation, that You are mine. And that I am Yours, and You will never let me go. You keep showing yourself through people, through being the light at the end of the tunnel, through the blossoms of spring, and through Your Word. It floors me that you can be known, and that you’d let someone like me know You. I don’t even fully understand what these two things mean, but you’re helping me in the understanding of them, and the experience of them.

I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow, God, but You will be there. Help me to understand what that means.

After this, the word of The Lord came to Abram in a vision:

“Do not be afraid, Abram.

I am your shield,

your very great reward.”

Genesis 15:1




  1. I feel like a Mother Hun puffing out her chest in pride. So, so, so proud of you! You’re living the dream. :)

    Flashback to that what-will-I-be-doing-in-5-years conversation we had in Café Ysabel, and here you are. God bless and keep you always!

    • Isn’t it crazy how life surprises us? Thank you for all the encouragement, from then and until now. God bless you more, Momma Margarita! <3 One day I want to look super fit and sexy like you.

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