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And The Worst Online Shopper Award Goes To…

The lady who’s taking four months (and counting) to purchase one bag.


You can imagine seeing this bag on my deathbed, after it’s followed me through the grimy subways New York, the apocalyptic war, dental appointments, and all of my dates (which are beautiful and occasionally embarrassing adventures in themselves).

Why is it taking insanely long?

  • I’m a one-bag-at-a-time kind of person. At most, three. Everyday bag, a lunch tote, and a sophisticated bag. But for everyday, I really just want and need one.
  • Once I find the bag, that’s it. I don’t mind spending more for something I love, and I’d rather wait for something great (quality + looks), because I will love it for as long as it’ll survive me. (Which is quite consistent with my love life, i.e., I can and will wait, but less judgy when it comes to physical stuff)
  • I’m insane.

So here are the bags I’ve been looking at so far. Already, there are more than 200 pins on my Pinterest Bag board. Some of which are out of stock, totes, or duffel/weekender bags (might as well start looking around for those too, since it’ll take a decade before I decide on one).

Anyway, here’s My Bag Criteria:

  • A backpack that looks classy/city-like, with a hint of ruggedness. Or a rucksack interpreted in a modern, sleek way. I’m still denying that it’s asking for too much.
  • Leather (if the whole bag can be a nice brown leather, yes please) Or waxed cotton. Or a combo of both!
  • Ideally, a padlock-able kind of closure (none of those drawstring or magnet types, so I guess this calls for a non-tacky-looking zipper) so that I can sleep on the plane without worrying that my seatmate is stealing my stuff.
  • Inner lining

Behold:  The Bags I keep comparing everything else to:

I don’t care for brands. I’d avoid them, except when I can’t help myself. I love men’s bags, and this Coach bag is one of my favorites. I prefer simple bags, with few but carefully selected details that are functional rather than decorative.

Rag & Bone.  Simple, minimal.

Gucci. The right shade of navy blue (it looks black, actually), which is sort of a complementary contrast with the orange-toned leather straps.

Burberry. Who knew they’d have great bags aside from their trench coats. 

I have no idea where this Master Piece bag can still exist. This has more colors that I’d normally go for, but it works.

Mismo. The brand I’ve been spying on for a while. I’m a huge fan of theirs, because their bags are so simple, but with elegant hardware and smart details. This is a convertible bag, which can be used as a handbag, shoulder bag, and backpack.

Below are more Mismo bags, in colors that I like. You can’t go wrong with anything neutral/brown + navy/black/grey/forest.

This is a bag that I came across on my futile search. The concept is cute. If I had money to spare, maybe. But for the bag, something with pockets or zippers is preferred. (think: If I’m dangling perilously from a wooden bridge, something that ensures nothing will fall out).

My mom hates shopping with me.



  1. the other B says

    I like the Rag & Bone and Mismo bags. Go for it. Hahaha, I’m a one-bag-till-it-breaks person too so yey. I haven’t changed bags since we saw each other (seriously, it’s turning grey already instead of it’s original beige). Go for it if you can. It will last you anyway (obviously I haven’t checked the price tags of this, but I would assume it’s worth the investment?)

    • Glad you liked those too. You better check the prices out. I’m not comfy walking around with $300+ bags.

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