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Silo 468

Silo 468 is a permanent urban light art piece in Helsinki, Finland, created by the Lighting Design Collective.

The prevailing winds in the area trigger different light patterns in the flickering of one thousand two hundred fifty white LED lights, which mimic the movement of swarms of birds in flight. Both birds and the winds reference notable things in the location of the Silo. Watch the video to see the conceptual process in the making of the installation. Read more about it here.

It’s incredible to live in a world with so much beauty, and so many talented people. This happiness generating installation reminds me that in life, it’s not simply about getting to the goal or to the end. It’s about the getting there… the beauty you see along the way, the inside jokes and silly events, a handwritten letter, a perfectly cooked fried chicken… A lot of the things that don’t seem necessary are more important than we realize.

Collectively, all the great installations and artworks I’ve encountered makes something click on the inside. There’s something about an experience of beauty that reminds us of a magnificent, mysterious, but familiar unknown. Such experiences leave us, not just breathless, but with a surprising inclination towards goodness––behaving more kindly, building others up, and even forgiveness (because somehow we remember what really matters at the end of the day). Aside from a feeling of longing for something lost, there’s a feeling of being born from, and of being a part of such a great, sacred, and mysterious unknown.

via Yellowtracephotos and information via LDC’s blog


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