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A Five Mushroom Tasting Session

Aside from a pumpkin tasting session (delicata, kabocha, turban, acorn) we also had a mushroom tasting session last year in Seattle. Despite the recent food posts containing an embarrassing lot of mushrooms, do know that I’m a normal, non-mushroom-obsessed person who eats roasted chicken, Jolibee, lamb, and spoonfuls of Nutella. (on the days I’m well-behaved)

Mushrooms are often found after some rain, because they thrive in damp environments. Unfortunately there weren’t good looking chanterelles the day we went to Uwajimaya and the small Asian groceries, otherwise their orange color would have brightened up the tray.

On the top left of the first photo is the matsutake mushroom, or the pine mushroom. It’s the most expensive of the bunch, and tastes strongly of pine and the woods. A lady advised us to purchase the smaller ones instead of the larger ones.

On the middle of the top row are the crimini mushrooms, which have a similar taste to white button mushrooms. It’s either that, or my memory is foggy. In either case, it’s a more neutral shroom that can be eaten with a great variety of other food.

Then there’s the king trumpet mushroom on the top right. After roasting, we were surprised to find that it tasted like squidballs.

The white, fluffy things on the bottom right are lion’s mane mushrooms. I was surprised at how juicy they were. Apparently, these types retain a lot of liquid. We pan-seared them until sides were a golden brown.

Last but not the least is the oyster mushroom, my all time favorite. Seattle’s oyster mushrooms have a pale grey color compared to the white ones we usually have here in Manila. Among all the roasted mushrooms, they continue to be my favorite because of their neutral flavor with a subtle hint of nutty sweetness.

Most of the mushrooms (except for the matsutake and lion’s mane) were roasted on a foil-covered pan for several minutes until the edges were a crisp golden brown. They were drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper.

Below is my gorgeous plate. From the smoked salmon moving clockwise: roasted crimini, oyster mushrooms, matsutake (pine mushrooms) rice, king trumpet mushroom, lion’s mane mushroom, and tender mâche rossette greens.It was a delicious, and probably, a healthy lunch. Now I’m off to eat some instant satay noodles.


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