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Avocado Breakfast Two Ways

Three bags of haas avocados make me excited with the possibilities.

Since the avocado season is over back in Manila, it’s here in Seattle that I continue my avocado exploration.

This one’s extremely easy. I love how I can have a breakfast with a savory and sweet portion from this little fruit. It might not leave you too full, but eating the other slices of tomato plus another fruit while prepping could help. After all, they say breakfast should be the second most filling meal of the day. We’ll save our appetite for lunch.

Avocado Two Ways

serves 0.75 of a person

Savory: Toasted Avocado with Egg, Tomato and Mushroom

Basically, halve the avocado. Get one half, scoop up just a tiny bit on the inside to make a bit more room for the rest of the toppings. Place in a foil boat. Drizzle lightly with extra virgin olive oil, crack a fresh egg into the hole, top with sliced tomato (in my case, heirloom tomato) and diced mushroom (I used white button mushrooms) then drizzle lightly again with EVOO and a sprinkle of sea salt and ground black pepper. Feel free to use other mushroom varieties and drizzle some good (or aged) balsamic vinegar on top. And a sprinkle of shaved cheese if you feel so indulgent. Pop into a toaster oven for about 15-20 minutes, or until the egg is as done as you like and there’s a slight char on the toppings. Other topping options include hot sauce or freshly chopped basil. Have fun with it.

Sweet: Avocados with Honey (and milk, ideally)

One of my favorite easy snacks of all time. Using the other half of the avocado, simply drizzle with wild honey and milk (almond? soy? cow’s? make your day).

When it’s all done, grab a spoon, devour, and have a good day.


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