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Shrooms Galore

Be still my heart.

Not surprisingly, I went to Whole Foods within a week of arriving. They have SO. MUCH. STUFF. I was torn between happiness and bewilderment from all of the choices.

Anyway, just because it’s in Whole Foods doesn’t mean one can go on autopilot mode and purchase goods under the impression that it’s healthy. We should always be discerning consumers, i.e., suspicious, distrusting minds. But I digress.

You can’t imagine my happiness upon seeing my beloved fungi in so many varieties different from the ones in Manila. I appreciate how they’re not packaged in condensation-filled little plastic boxes, but piled up oh so invitingly in baskets.


Shiitake and Oyster (?) (which we do have)

Brown Beech Mushrooms (which we also have, but sold in plastic packaging)

Portobellos as big as babies faces.

Black truffles. For grating over creamy risottos. Among other things.

Oh, the dream of foraging for mushrooms someday. I also drooled over spied…

Squashes! Different kinds of squash. The ones high above are Delicata squashes (if I’m not mistaken) and the orange ones on the side are pumpkins.

Marigolds and pansies.

Rows and rows of nuts varietes (in salted, unsalted, sprouted, and unsprouted options), rice varieties, legumes, heirloom beans… (and a fresh peanut butter or almond butter grinder. dayyyum.)

A fantastic selection of organic baby greens! (Oh yes, I love to eat babies) There were even boxes of baby kale and baby mache rosettes.

Boxes of winter greens and year round greens…

And heirloom tomatoes.

Honestly, I’ve never understood the big deal about heirloom tomatoes. In my head it was another pretentiously hipster thing I wouldn’t waste money on. Until my Aunt bought some.

Initially I mistook Kumato as another tomato specie, until I realized it was a brand for an heirloom tomato from Mexico. *facepalm* After finishing roughly one whole tomato, I think I can finally say that I understand what makes them so great. They’re less acidic compared to the usual red tomatoes, with a slightly slightly less tanginess. They’re perfect for snacking on raw because of how smooth they taste. They’re a bit of an unsightly green-red-brown. But aren’t we familiar with the way God equalizes nature. Most of the time anyway.

Exploring food places always makes my day.


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