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Alive and Chilling

Cold weather makes me happy. Clouds and aerial views will always be overwhelmingly amazing. Airplane food makes me happy too (even though it’s supposedly horrible).

The past days weeks were a flurry of turning over projects and settling requirements for others before the holidays begin, which is why my catching-my-breath breaks went only as far as watching Suits, The Newsroom, Big Bang Theory, and online window shopping, but not all the way to writing. Been thinking about Azuma Makoto’s book, Guerlain’s meteorites, spiced apple cider, and looking up the best plant-based, paraben free, BPA free, and as natural as possible moisturizing product. Perhaps Dr. Haushka products or Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil? Gotta find something before my Planet Noah Oasis VoCo Cream runs out. Too bad I didn’t bring more, since it turns out to be good even in this winter weather. It leaves my skin smooth and not greasy, plus it has a light lavender scent which helps me sleep.

The worst part about my trip was panicking from my iPhone’s non-functioning power/lock button, which didn’t want to work no matter how many times I pressed it. Considering how it’s not even a month old, I’m really frustrated. That aside, I’ve been able to get some sleep, make small talk (which I still find uncomfortable), marvel at the wider selection of food, exercise a bit (dad would be so proud), and eat healthy stuff.

Outside where I’m staying, there are three trees with a gradient of red and yellow leaves. I’m glad they waited for me before the rain got to them.

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