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A Black Hole

I’m taking a break from marathoning stories and food. In the past week, I’ve consumed the following:

  1. (book) The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
  2. 2 Kitkat bars, a crunch chocolate bar, lots of bread, garlic peanuts
  3. (series) 3 new episodes of Once Upon a Time
  4. 4 cassava tarts (original, ube, langka, and coconut) (original and coconut are the best)
  5. (series) 1 old episode of How I Met Your Mother and 3 of the latest ones, plus 1 episode of Parks and Recreation
  6. (movie) Looper – Watched with Mikka, Nobs, and Kaye
  7. Half a Tarte Flambe and 2/3 a chocolate cake from Wildflour, Taro Milk Tea from A Gantea, an entire bowl of Tantanmen from Ukkokei, some chorizo appetizers and several glasses of wine at Barcino
  8. (movie)Confessions of a Shopaholic – Out of curiosity. It’s supposed to be a romantic comedy but it falls terribly short on both ends. I wasn’t expecting much, but it still managed to disappoint.
  9. McDo nuggets with fries, 2pc Jollibee chicken meal and 2 Red Ribbon chocolate cake things
  10. (series) 3 episodes from Season 1 of 30 Rock
  11. 1 salted caramel cupcake, 1 maple bacon cupcake (both were dry), 1 chocolate cupcake with Yoda’s face, 1 rhum vanilla cupcake also with Yoda’s face on it, a lot of Bee Cheng Hiang ma pa (beef jerky?) and these tiny taro sweets,
  12. (series) 8 episodes from Season 1 of FRIENDS
  13. Happy Beef Rice from Recover Food, the entire Turondots dessert, 2 Roller Coaster chip bags, an entire pack of Oreos, 1 pack of M&Ms, 1 pack of Nova chips from Isa’s place
  14. (series) 3 episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (a reality TV series about rednecks from Georgia) (that Mama has three double-chins and I have none makes me feel like I can still eat more, ugh)

Most of the food were in addition to my basic meals.

Who knows what’s wrong. I’m not overly stressed from work. My load for the week was lighter than normal. Lately, I just don’t feel like I can have enough. My bedtime has consistently been 3am or 2:30am, because I can’t sleep until I’ve watched about 3-4 episodes of something. I’m a story junkie. And even if my belly looks a lot like Pooh bear’s, I’m craving for another something.

No matter what I throw inside, instead of becoming satisfied, it just reveals how much larger the hole is. It doesn’t even make me happy. But I need to do them, to make passing the time feel more worthwhile? But all the added weight I’m gaining makes me feel ugly. I don’t know how to fix this yet.

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