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Funky Liquid Sunshine

Back in October 2011, over a Middle-Eastern influenced brunch in a charming corner somewhere at The Village, NYC, I encountered my first Mimosa.

The Mimosa is a brunch & breakfast drink. Which makes sense, because it tastes like funky liquid sunshine. When I think of Ambrosia, I can picture Athena and Hermes drinking to immortality with this stuff. Amphoras of it adorn the feasting table high above in Mount Olympus. That could be overselling it, but I do find heaven in delicious, simple things.

The drink came to me recently at Apartment 1B (belated Happy birthday little sister) when I decided to have a drink (and it so happened that it was part of the Sunday specials board…plus I like girly drinks). That was helpful in reminding me of the Parks & Recreation Treat Yo Self joke between Isa and I, which inspired its inclusion as part of a surprise home-cooked dinner for her birthday.

Various internet sources say that a Mimosa is made of your favorite champagne plus your favorite orange juice. Some clarify that previously mentioned concoction is actually a drink called Buck’s Fizz (so that’s where the Marks & Spencer bottle gets the name) because an authentic Mimosa would contain champagne, orange juice, plus a splash of triple sec. Some others add grenadine or Grand Marnier. I decided to use triple sec because I wanted as much orange flavor as I can get.

How To Make A Mimosa

  1. Chill champagne flutes
  2. Pop open a chilled bottle of sparkling wine (champagne, asti, cava, etc.)
  3. Pour fresh orange juice (I like mine with some pulp) 1/3 or 1/2 parts of the way
  4. Add a splash (1 1/2 tsp?) of triple sec
  5. Fill the rest of the way with the sparkling wine
  6. Clink your glasses together. Cheers!

Adjust according to taste. It’s delightfully simple that if anyone still manages to f*** it up, there is no hope for them.

I just had 5 glasses. What are you waiting for?




  1. I shall treat myself sometime next week and refer to this recipe! Glad you’ve shared happiness to the world! Haha!

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