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A Camote Top Salad

Cheap. Easy. Tasty. Sexy-fying. (although I hate that word)

A simple salad to start off my EMWS initiative.

Camote (sweet potato) tops are usually priced at Php5 per bunch. I need just around 2-3 bunches to be full, 2 if there’s other food. During bad weather, they can go as high as Php20 for 2-3 bunches, but that’s still not too bad.

According to this, camote leaves could even be more nutritious than the camote. It’s rich in iron, vitamon C, folates, vitamin K, and potassium. According to my mom, it’s one of the leafy greens that are very good for women when it’s that time of the month.

How to Make Camote Top Salad

Gather your greens. Approx 2-3 bunches = good for 1 pax

Mince 2 garlic cloves. Slice 1 medium sized tomato into cubes.

Steam the leaves for about 5 minutes in boiling water. Adjust time depending on how much bite or mush you prefer. While it steams, start making the topping.

Saute garlic in 1tbsp olive oil. When slightly golden brown, add the tomatoes.

Saute in pan together. I like making the tomatoes kind of stewy. The great thing about cooking tomatoes is how cooking increases its lycopene content.

Add a slightly heaping tablespoon of your favorite bagoong.

Saute everything together until it’s even stewier. Sometimes I make a larger batch of this because it’s delicious with so many things. Steamed Okra. Smoked Eggplant. You can even mix in mango bits to make it salty-sweet.

Remove the camote tops from the steamer.

Put on plate, mix it up, and devour. Above photo actually reminds me of squid ink pasta.

My dinner consisted of this, barbecued squid, and 2 sabas (plantains) for dessert. A good meal.


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