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Alter-Egos Through The Years

Over several years, people have given unsolicited opinions and gifts, because I remind them of certain characters.


A friend, Fudgy, called me Squiddy back in high school. People even gave merchandise (a shirt – thanks a lot dear sister, and a doll).


Helga Pataki, with mighty fist and prominent unibrow.

Mom, whom approved of Hey Arnold, bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal just to give me the Helga keychain.


The Grim Adventure’s of Billy and Mandy’s kick-ass, ever charming, Mandy.

Either friend or family gave me a foot-tapping wind-up Mandy toy. Also probably from a Happy Meal.


Kim from Lela Lee’s Angry Little Girls comics. My best friend gave me an angry little book of friendship from the USA back then. Aside from certain nicknames alluding to eternal singlehood, I also was known as The Manhater/Anti-Marriage Person.


This is what I look like in the morning. According to my mom, anyway. She clipped the comic strip and  tacked it on my cork board as a cheerful reminder.

And most recently…

Which a friend gave as a long-overdue pasalubong from China. He didn’t even know I was a fan of Yoshitomo Nara. It’s not exactly a cartoon character, but it’s amazing how this is still how I come across after all these years.

In common: \ / eyes, grumpiness, and folks who love & adore them.

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