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This Just In: Not So Much

Hello there.

HWAH has been pretty silent, partly because I’ve been horrendously busy over the past weeks (which had two long weekends YAY) but not entirely the ideal kind of busy. Here’s what I’ve been up to, by order of pleasantness.

  1. An out of town road trip sleepover with friends at Tagaytay. Which took place last weekend (the longer one) It’s been ages since I’ve seen some of these folks, and it was a good time to make new friends and reconnect with unexpected overlapping friendship circles. Somewhere along the way there were pineapples (courtesy of one of my good friends Val), a mandatory listening to a Filipino rap song (also courtesy of good friend Val) while surviving good friend’s driving, Spice Girls, jokes about what happens when there’s too much estrogen in a room, medicine-like sweet drinks, and a whole lot of laughing and hot-seating of people. Good times.
  2. An unexpected dance-a-thon with my best friend to the music of Jai Ho, Shake It Out by Florence and The Machine, and Janet Jackson’s Together Again. To name some.
  3. Glutting out in Wildflour with two different sets of company. The first with my two best friends Isa and Carina, and the second time around with my sister after an excruciatingly long and unnecessary three hour Friday night traffic drive all because I left behind an important card. Their Tarte Flambee and Bone Marrow are pretty damn awesome. Other recommendable items are their Ginger Milk Tea Latte. Items I look forward to trying include the Baked Escargot and some of their coffee.
  4. Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie marathon. One of the most recent events (yesterday and today) and still in the process of being absorbed. Expect a post on it sometime this week. I might sound like some comic girl fanatic (which I’m not) but I needed something to dive into. Thankfully a.) the movie had enough ruffly layers to have a good dive into b.) it’s a well-made series that I can proudly admit to watching. Stay tuned.
  5. Researching on the Paleo diet because I do want to take better care of my body. Some interesting reads here here and a video of an organic chemist’s perspective on it. It’s worth checking out.
  6. Made me laugh: The Neuroscience of Swearing.
  7. BSF on Genesis began today. Who knows how long I’ll stick it out, but I’ll give it a shot. Interesting book, that one.
  8. A disgusting amount of meat. Not that I’m not thankful, but it’s just been too much lamb and beef and too little vegetables. Honestly? I love my veggies and fruits. My intestines are staging a revolution right now.
  9. Extreme Pig Out Day (today and the later half of yesterday) wherein I had Jollibee spaghetti and fried chicken and rootbeer, 3 packs of Maltezers chocolate balls, a pack of creamy milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses, 2 Twix chocolate bars, a Cadbury fruit & nut chocolate bar, ChicBoy lechon manok and inihaw na liempo and lumpiang ubod, and fried chicken skin, 2 orders of McDonald’s french fries and an order of twister fries and six pieces of chicken nuggets and 2 hot fudge sundaes, half a box of cherries, and a glass of red wine. This isn’t a full disclosure of everything I ate for the past two days (there was more!) but they’re the ones that make all my Zumba dancing a futile effort. I feel like a hog. And like  person who isn’t too comfortable with their own body, I’m hatin’ all those long-legged skinny bitches. In a matter of minutes post-chocolate-binge  I could feel a double chin forming and my arms growing flabbier with cellulite. Sigh.
  10. A Car Wash. My first car wash and wax, and possibly my last (in this house). This trivial little chore triggered an overblown feud between me and the usual person. It’s partly the reason why I really needed to get into something (Batman) immediately, and may be hypothesized as a contributing factor to #8. People need to be given the benefit of the doubt, dammit.

I’m grateful for the holidays, but I need to be more intentional about these breaks because they passed me by and I’m all “Where’d it go?” Instead of a happy refreshed go-getter, I’m currently experiencing bowel problems and am considerably sad. Like most of the recent weeks, this is another one I don’t look forward to. I don’t look forward to tomorrow morning or the rest of the weeks after that.

Things I look forward to: seeing a few certain people, Zumba (haha), my happy place, my bed, and hopefully a chance to sit down and figure things out. There’s just so much chaos with work, family, and with life in general. One of my character flaws is revealed: I’m not a hopeful person.


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