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The Perks of Being a Wallflower: A Warm Glass of Milk

Sometimes you encounter a book better experienced in small doses. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky was one such book. It was a light read, but one I enjoyed spread across several days, as though I were the friend whom Charlie, the main character, wrote letters to.


Having finished Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares prior to this only emphasized the quiet, private, and introverted nature of Charlie. Compared to the somewhat feisty, serious, and pretentious “Deep down, you see, I long to be arcane, esoteric. I would love to confound people with their own language.” “articulate to a fault” charm of Dash, Charlie struck me as the intelligent but sincere observer who actually has a lot to say, it’s just that it takes some asking.

Random unimportant trivia: Charlie and Dash share an interest in reading.

Charlie’s writing proves that words don’t need to be hifalutin to articulate most effectively. (although choosing the precise word for any situation is law.) If anything, the truthful honesty in his writing style is what made his stories moving. For someone so aware of himself, I like how he didn’t come across as being self-absorbed. He sounds like a familiar friend, who speaks frank, but mature. And because such people seem calm and detached (but he isn’t detached), I enjoyed watching him pass through his own share of frustrations, triumphs, skeletons in the closet, and stupidities.

This wasn’t the kind of book that took me on a wild adventure, or a story that kept me on the edge for being action-filled or romantically giddying. Rather, it gave me a brief encounter with a boy who is special because of the way he processes life (patiently), and by his way of listening to people by seeing them as they are.

page1Perks was like a warm glass of milk before bedtime: light, comforting, and familiar.



  1. I loved Perks when I was a high school junior. I wonder if I’ll love it the same way if I read it again today. I finished it during a Chem class, and I’m surprised my teacher didn’t stop me from reading.

  2. Read it again. :) I can imagine loving this book as a high school student. I love it for being what it is, although not to the level of it becoming a favorite. Maybe your teacher secretly believed your reading the book was a better thing to do than listen to that particular Chem lecture.

  3. The Perks is one of my favorite book of all time. It’s full or warmth and self-discovery.Also one of the preempting factor I started blogging again. I’m glad with how you articulate special features of this heart-tugging book. :)

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