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Of Times and Places

As mentioned in previous post, making it in life isn’t simply about being the most freaking amazing human being on the planet. God(s) be good to you, your life will be an orchestrated series of being in the right place and time. Present circumstance is a conspired effort of entities beyond your control. Yes, you can say we’re pawns.

If you haven’t watched The Butterfly Effect, Men in Black III, or read Outliers yet, I would recommend these to illustrate the idea of how hard it is to just come up with the right combination of causes and effects to bring about the best possible future. In order to achieve the right time and place for a person, a line-up of other events must take place. Any tiny difference in what you do (and even what someone else does, both direct and indirect, large and smaller actions) sets off a chain reaction of a whole lot of other events. There’s an infinite set of possibilities, but only one reality comes to pass. And that’s where you and I are aging inside of at this very moment.

Going back to the here and now, in a surprising turn of events I ended up attending a Bible study (what the hell) all because of a meet-up with a friend plus a color coded car. I enjoyed the open-mindedness of the people in the group, which runs consistent with the way the topic was being discussed. (Plus, free food. YAY.) Church Simplified Pastor Bebs said one thing that caught my attention, slightly paraphrased below:

God has chosen specific times and places for each one of us, where each one would be best positioned to reach out to [know] God.

This references Acts 17:22-27, which basically tells the story of Paul in Greece. As he walked around, he saw many objects and activities. In particular, an altar with ‘TO AN UNKNOWN GOD’ inscribed on it caught his eye. To which he told the people who the numinous was, and that this (now known) Being determined what era you’d live in along with where, so that you would seek him and find him even if he isn’t far.

Well. I suppose you have me where you want me, unknown Being. It would be impossible to conclude whether I’d ever be in a more agitated, reaching-out state in any other reality. But either case, now that I’m here, frustrated, and tired from prolonged speaking to/shouting out into a black hole, what happens next? I’ve reached out, but can’t say I’ve experienced any answer.


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